110 Free Bespoke Facebook Business Pages for Charities.

We will be giving away 110 Bespoke Facebook Landing Pages for Charities to give them a start in building a social media campaign for their Charity. So for each month of 2012 we will be giving away 10 Bespoke Business Pages Per Month for Registered Charities. Starting in February & running to December 2012. This will be on a first come first served basis monthly, with Entry form going live on our facebook page the first Thursday at 11AM of every month. This will be for Irish & UK Registered Charities only. After first 10 entries the entry form will be turned off.  So keep note of Thursday the 2nd of  February at 11AM & Please pass on our facebook business page to Charities that may be interested in entering. Every one of the 10 monthly charities will be published on our facebook page