Bands & Musicians

Some of the biggest stars in the music business are using Facebook to promote themselves.  Why not take a leaf out of there book & develop a Facebook business page that will help grow your fan base?  If you are serious about music we are serious about the best Facebook strategy for you. Give us […]

Beauty Salons

What makes your clients come back time after time? Imagine a platform where those clients can share your business with their friends. Well you don’t have look further than a bespoke Facebook page & good wall management that will help your clients become your ambassadors for your beauty salon.  We will give you advice on […]


Why do most of your clients come to you? is it word of mouth? is it advertising? is it your reputation?  With a Facebook business page you can utilise all 3 of these and help grow your business using the power of growing your Facebook community.  Don’t take my word for it asks 10 of your […]

Local Business

So you are running your local business, it could be a bakery, boutique or an antique shop what ever local business you are running you should really look into the benefits of developing a Facebook business page to help grow your fan base. We are experts in developing Facebook business pages for local businesses and […]


Our Restaurant Facebook Pages are not only visually appealing they are also an integral part of developing & growing your social media strategy.  Restaurants have an ideal opportunity to grow their customer base by directing their customers to like their page & to share it with their friends. Let’s face it what self respecting Restaurant […]

Bars, Nightclubs & Events

We help nightclubs, bars, and event promoters implement effective Facebook strategies. We will create a Facebook business page that not only reflects your promotion, it will also encourage people to like your page or to initiate a membership with you. We can produce the page for them to share it with friends and we can […]

Auto Trade

Before booking a seat or purchasing a set of wheels, consumers turn to the Internet to do their research, find the best price, check availability, browse customer reviews, and discover any other insightful information which will help guide their purchase decision. Maximize the reach and conversion of your brand by building a custom Facebook Page […]