Facebook Business Page Companies

It has been brought to our attention that there a few UK based (mostly Manchester) web development companies that have been contacting businesses in Ireland & the UK promising deals on SEO and facebook advertising.

They promise a lot for a very competitive price. But unwittingly the customer is signing to a monthly plan rather than a one off payment.

Things to do:

Before accepting a contract please check examples of work carried out and references. If these companies don’t’ have examples on their website surely this should ring alarm bells.

Also be very wary if someone calls you and says they are from facebook. This is also another tactic.

Be very careful to read the T’s & C’s

Do a Google search for the business name plus comments or complaints. You might well find that there are several complaints registered to them.

We hope this might be of help and that you might consider a long established (11 years) Irish company such as thinksocialbiz.com to develop a facebook business page for you!