Facebook Business Page tips.

Well its Friday night & I thought what can I do.
So here we are typing away about hints and advice on how to help develop your facebook business page so here goes.
Yes I should really get a life.


Keep your wall fresh & personalise it.

Try to give it a bit of TLC there is no point treating it like a chore,
it just won’t wash.


Try to make it link back to articles on your website

or a facebook App informing them of any products or services that your business has to offer.

Remember if someone likes your page to thank them personally.

After all, their friends could be your future customers.


Keep it short,

Don’t go into too much detail, just be informative and to the point.

Engage with any comments left  on your wall

try to do this as quickly as possible you will be surprised
at how much people appreciate a quick response.


Get to know facebook insights,

start to set yourself goals on weekly and monthly targets
and before long you will find that you will have a better understanding
of your customer base.



If you have any tips that are working for your business please post them below.