How can a Facebook Business Page help grow your business?

Well isn’t that the question on every business owners lips these days?

If not it probably soon will be. 8 out of 10 of the worlds largest spenders on advertising are directing there traffic to their facebook page, when company’s that spend millions on advertising each month and have huge marketing departments with some of the best marketing heads in the business start to shift away from there website and move there customers to Facebook its time to think about what action you are going to take.

So where do you start?

Well what we suggest is that if you are not on Facebook already that you set up a Business Page, it only takes a minute & once it has been set up make sure that you share the set up with friends and colleagues.  This at least will get the ball rolling.

Secondly we would recommend linking it to your website get a like us on facebook button attached to your website.  There are plenty more things you could do like if you’re a restaurant or bar getting people to check in or comment on your wall about there time there, by placing posters or boards within the premises notifying people of your facebook business page you will be surprised at how quickly this can grow your likes with very little outlay to your business.

The simplicity of it is the more people who like you the better chance you have of getting more business. But don’t forget to keep your wall updated regularly, think outside the box on how to engage your audience, but please do so or nominate a person within your business to do so.

Still not convinced?

Well below is the amount of Facebook users for the UK & Ireland plus penetration for population.

Ireland Facebook Users: 2 ,014100 or 44% penetration

Uk Facebook users: 29,942160 or  48% penetration