Mobile Apps & Growth within Ireland.

A recent survey gave out this intresting data… nearly 40 percent of adult mobile phone users have downloaded some sort of mobile application to their smartphone, up dramatically from 22 percent about two years ago. An even greater number of survey respondents, 75 percent, said they have downloaded applications to their tablet computers. When asked what they considered to be the most valuable sorts of mobile apps, 46 percent said apps that help you shop or make purchase.

RedC puts Irish household smartphone ownership at 49% of the population in 2011, but predicts it will accelerate to 71% by the end of the current year. Google-commissioned research produces a galaxy of new Irish statistics on smartphones and drills behind the data to provide fascinating insights into how these devices are changing consumers and businesses.

Putting individual smartphone adoption at 43%, the Google research charts the growing reliance on smartphones for email, social media access, reading news and either researching a purchasing decision or actually making it on a phone. A third of Irish smartphone owners have bought something through their phone, while four out of five have used their phones to research a purchasing decision. Smartphone owners like to multi-task, with three out of five watching TV while using their phones.
For businesses, the main takeaway is that mobile needs to be core to their strategy, a message that is as relevant to larger companies as it is to SMEs. For the latter, the Google research shows how vital smartphones are when consumers are searching for local services – 89% seek out local businesses and 90% take action, such as making contact or transacting business.
Tablets are also transforming consumers’ relationship with business. RedC puts tablet ownership in Ireland at 16% at the end of 2011, but anticipates it will be as high as 41% by the end of this year. Meanwhile, Adobe is predicting that tablets’ global share of website traffic will exceed smartphone traffic by early 2013.

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